Screen Layout

Screen Regions

An adjustable splitter separates the top "Detail" region, from the bottom "Thumbnail" region. In the "Thumbnail" region, pinch with two fingers to adjust the thumbnail size, or drag up or down with two fingers.

There are four tabs labeled "PICTURE", "TEXT", "MAP", and "QUESTS".

Tap on a tab to switch screens. Each tab has an appropriate menu. Tap the menu a second time to hide the menu.

Quick Start
EcoRamble is not yet fully tested. Learn more here.

Tap the "Open" icon to load, download, or create a new album or map. A short tap on a filename or folder opens the file or folder. A long press shows information about the file at the top of the screen. Tapping the filename again opens the file or folder. The top entry in the folder list is the folder name. Tapping there goes up one level to the folder above. The EcoRamble website has files you can download by tapping the "download" menu option and entering or pasting a link into the text box.

A psvz file contains all related items such as maps, gps tracks, photos, text, and quests. psiv files may contain links to maps, photos or other related items that are in a different location. If you want to share, always share the psvz file.

Tap a picture in the bottom "Thumbnail" region. The top "Detail" region shows details: the "PICTURE" tab shows a larger image, the "TEXT" tab shows any text that goes with the picture, and the "MAP" tab shows the location.

The "Map Controls" region lets you precisely control zoom levels and shows the current zoom level and map scale. You can hide this control or select other types of maps in the "Information" screen. Be sure to tap "Save" to save your selections. Tapping the left arrow leaves everything unchanged and returns to the main screen.
The "MAP" tab menu has a "Download Map Tiles" for offline use. This saves all map tiles for the current map view up to zoom level 16. You'll see the download progress in the "Map Controls" region. This can take some time if there are many tiles. Think carefully before downloading tiles as they may take up lots of memory on your device. There's also a "Delete Map Tiles" menu option to recover memory.

Tap the "Record" icon to start or stop recording your route. Your route appears on the map. Tap the "Camera" icon to add a photo waypoint to your route. The picture also appears in the bottom "Thumbnail" region. You may add text to your picture in the "TEXT" tab.

The Photo Sieve® program for Windows computers has additional capabilities such as adding photos from your computer.

You may search the text in all photos appearing in the bottom "Thumbnail" region. The "TEXT" tab menu has a "Search or Sort Text" option. Any photo thumbnails with matching text appear highlighted. You may sort photos by any tags created and stored in the photos by Photo Sieve®. Checking the "Sort By" box shows a list of tags. There are also menu options to "Hide Unselected" photos, "Show All" photos, "Unselect All" photos, and "Remove Unselected" photos. Removing only removes the photos from EcoRamble. They are still on your device.

The "Back" menu option backs up to the previous photo after following a link.

Tap the "Share" icon to share the picture showing in the "PICTURE" tab. Your device will offer various options for sharing.

Tap the "QUESTS" tab to create your own Adventure Quest. Tap the "Create Quest" menu option to add a new quest and enter the title, point score, and description. Tap the "Camera" icon to add a photo. When you complete a quest, tap the checkbox for that quest. You may also add text or a photo. Tap the share icon at the top of the screen to share the photo of your discovery.

The Photo Sieve® program for Windows computers has additional capabilities such as adding photos from your computer.

Remember to save any changes before you exit using the "Save All" menu option. It also saves a psvz file bundle which contains everything you had loaded: pictures, maps, routes. Psvz files are an easy way to make sure people you share with get everything.

Follow the links on this page to learn more.