Information and Setup

The top part of the information screen shows the app version and the name of the loaded file. Everything you load is saved to this file. Tap the "EcoRamble Website" link to visit the website.

The middle section shows setup options. You can choose the type of map and select other options.

You must tap the checkmark or OK to apply your setup changes. Tapping the back/left arrow returns to the main screen with no changes.

Tap the send icon in the bottom region to create an email problem report. EcoRamble automatically includes important information about what you were doing to help us identify and fix the problem. The report does not contain any personal information and everything there is a potential clue to help us find a solution. You may also attach the file you were working on. We understand that people have privacy concerns, and you review and edit the information before sending.

For questions, tap the "Ask a Question" link to get help on the website. Please only use the email option for reporting things that don't work as described.