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Updated Jan 15th, 2022

For Windows, download Photo Sieve®.

The mobile versions for Android or Apple iOS are free of cost and free of ads.
These apps are undergoing final testing and only available as beta test versions. I won't distribute apps with known problems, but just to be safe, save often with the menu "Save All" selection.

Android v7.1 (Nougat) and later

Download v1.2.0 for your Android device. It should automatically offer to install it. If not, go to your download folder and select EcoRamble.apk. You might have to adjust your install settings to allow apps from outside the Google Play Store.

iPhone and iPad iOS v8 and later

Install Apple's Testflight app from the apple store. Then visit Apple's Testflight tester program. You should be automatically notified about available EcoRamble versions and can install them with Testflight.

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